Rewind to San Francisco, October 27, 2014...

Que really cute proposal response

Are you serious?!

It was a sunny October day. We were both in California on business (Katherine in San Diego and Chris in San Francisco), when we decided to meet in San Fran for the weekend. 

I (Katherine) landed early in the afternoon, ready for a late lunch and nap before meeting with a client for dinner. Chris suggested we take our lunches to go, and visit the lookout point we had visited nearly five years ago during my move to Arizona. 

Thinking nothing of it at all, we took our salads & sands and drove up to look over the Golden Gate Bridge, waiting for the sun to set. There were hoards of tourists taking all kinds of photos, the best euro-selfies, shameless selfie stick usage and ACTUAL peace signs thrown up during the shot. We were cry-laughing for the majority of the hour we sat in the car. 

When the sun began to set and the sky turned a gorgeous shade of orange, we hopped out of the car to take a few photos. Chris asked a nearby tourist if he would take our picture, and while they discussed the details of how to set up the camera, I walked to the edge to enjoy a moment alone, soaking in the beautiful view. 

Hearing the crunch of Chris' shoes behind me, I turned, ready to fluff my hair and take a killer profile picture worthy photo. Much to my surprise, Chris was not fluffing his hair, but rather, was down on one knee, with an open box, filled with something sparkly. 

There were no tears. Only shock. And the first romantic, loving and emotion-filled words I could muster...


And they lived happily ever after.