Our First Week as Mr. & Mrs. Oyer..

For the friends and family who aren't able to join us on our European adventure, we thank you for your wishes, your support from afar, and your prayers for a safe journey. We wish we could bring all 2,000 combined Facebook friend lists with us.

We’ve created this page after so many kind friends and family reached out requesting our registry information. However, we’ve decided to forego registering for home items, as Katherine has been stocking her kitchen since the age of 10 (that's not a joke, she literally bought a KitchenAid Mixer when she was 12), and we have been lucky to live on our own since college graduation, slowly filling our homes with Craigslist finds and loved items.

Instead, we've elected to create a Honey Fund account. For those unfamiliar, a Honeyfund is a site where you can create your ideal honeymoon. You can visit our page, HERE. Any friends and family wishing to support our nuptuals can purchase different experiences for us to enjoy during our time abroad. We’ve chosen to explore the Greek Isles, a lifetime bucket list goal.

We’re so thankful to those of you who really want to support us as we start our new lives as a wedded couple. Your love truly means the world to us.