We're not quite high school sweethearts...


Many of you know the story of the fateful day-after-Christmas event, at an underage club in Downtown Seattle. There were dim lights, the romantic sounds of teenage music, and the not so subtle admittance that "one day she would have his babies". Ah, to be 17 again.

Fast forward 10 years. She graduated with a degree from WSU, packed up her belongings and moved to arizona. She began her career at a PR agency, then moved to fashion, but finally settled on following her heart and started a wedding planning business. He has graduated with two degrees from ASU, started a career with Coca Cola, purchased a ranch style house with a big ol' backyard and a mid-life crisis style two-door coupe.

She spends her days planning other people's "biggest days of their lives", and spends her nights screen shot-ing too-expensive things for the house. He spends his days listening to her coo at their two baby chinchillas, and spends his nights wondering when he can sneak a big screen TV into the bedroom.

Basically, daily life looks a little something like this.

We kid.

When we love, we always strive to become better than we are. When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too.
— Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

Top 10 most important things to know about chris & katherine

(as written by each other)

1. She tries to fight off sleep like an infant. If you call her out, she denies it and becomes hostile, until she falls back asleep 2 minutes later. She once fell asleep in the middle of her move during monopoly (it was 9:30 pm and she never finished that move, I just got up and got ready for bed).

2. Her choice in musical playlists for the gym varies between “The Twerk Tape” and “Party in the Trap”.

3. She has the best hair but if I ever try to touch it, I get the same look Scar gave Mufasa before he pushed him off the cliff in Lion King.

4. She got her first Martha Stewart Weddings Magazine when she was 13 and collected every issue until she finished college; at which point she came home to find out they had all been “lost in the move.” (Thanks Judy :))

5. When she watches football, she generally knows what’s going on, but doesn’t always know exactly what she’s cheering for, so instead she likes to randomly yell “unanswered points.”

6. A lot of people think of Katherine as this really nice person, but those people have never tried to get a snack from above the kitchen stove while she’s cooking.

7. Despite what anyone reading this may believe, Katherine is actually the messy one in the relationship.

8. Fictional character she most identifies with is Jane from the TV show “Happy Endings”. Never heard of it? Don’t worry, nobody has, that’s why that dumb show isn’t on air anymore (sorry Omar, I had to say it).

9. The first thing she does when she gets home and the last thing she does before she leaves is tell the chinchillas how much she loves them.

10. When she’s feeling lazy, she pokes at my ego and challenges me to rock-paper-scissors (knowing that she almost always wins) so that she doesn’t have to do errands/chores. Note: In the rare event she does lose, she promptly changes the subject in the hopes that I’ll forget.

1. As soon as he wakes up in the morning, Chris' brain begins an automatic countdown to the next time he can get to the couch. Up to run an errand on the weekend? Countdown. Out to meet friends for drinks? Countdown.

2. Chris is incredibly intuitive when it comes to strategy based games. He wins before he starts. Which is why all strategy based games have been banned from this relationship. Chess? Nope. Stratego? Never. Monopoly? Hardly ever.

3. The man can put down more food in one sitting than most can in 3-4 days. Two 4x4 cheeseburgers and animal fries are a mere appetizer (that's eight hamburger patties, just so we're clear).

4. Chris' energy levels match that of an 8-year-old on Christmas morning. He doesn't drink a drop of coffee...ever. He despises his sweet fiancé's valiant attempts at getting him hooked, often hearing "Come onnnnn! Just try it! It's an Ethiopian blend pour over with a hint of cinnamon and coconut oil. I mean this coffee is epic."

5. Chris does not like live sporting events, concerts, theater performances nor live dance. This is PURELY based on not being able to enjoy these things from the couch. #cultured.

6. He loves to travel. In fact, he would visit a new city every weekend if he could. The catch? Katherine must plan every minute of the trip. From researching yelp finds, past episodes of man vs. food, purchasing every Rick Steves book available then post-it noting, underlining and creating a reference table of contents and more. These tasks must be accomplished prior to take off. 

7. His love for the chinchilla babies is not so secret. Anyone who doubts that, just look at the videos on his iPhone.

8. On any given day, Chris spends 3-4 of his 24 hours on this glorious green earth watching YouTube videos. 

9. Do not be fooled by his lean stature or the fair color of his skin. The man can GET DOWN. (Play the shmoney dance within 20 ft, at any time of the day, for reference).

10. He saved two pairs of Timberland shoes for SO LONG, they actually managed to come back in style. If you're Jay-Z. Or Kanye. (Just thrown them away. I beg you.)